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Gity's Art

Gity was born in Tehran, Iran, and moved to the United States at the age of 35. She began painting at the age of 55, when she started taking classes with famous Los Angeles painter, Peyman. Gity quickly developed a style of her own, borrowing from Peyman's realistic technique, and adding bright colors, as vibrant and lively as her own personality. She has continued to paint to the present day. Below are some of her most favorite pieces. Gity currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband. She has three daughters, and six grand-children all of whom live in Los Angeles.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Homeless not Helpless


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Cottage in the Field


Wild Pomegranate (20" x 24")

Rabin, Man of Peace


Wine and Music (16" x 20")

Menashe Amir, Journalist & Political Commentator



Rabin (30" x 40")

Praying for Peace

Second Tea

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Netilat Yadayyim

Sixth Night (20" x 24")

Red Blossom

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Sleeping Laila (24" x 30")

Chehelsotoon Palace (24" x 30")

Neptune (30" x 40")

Drunk Men (30" x 40")

Antique Statue (30" x 40")

Prince of Egypt (30" x 40")

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Gity's Modern Art:

Tall Menora (16" x 20")

Lady in Prayer (16" x 20")

Mother and Child (16" x 20")

Lady in White (20" x 24")

Marilyn Monroe

Marylin Monroe 3

Flower Girl (30" x 40")

Spring Lady (20" x 40")

Spring Lady 2 (20" x 24")


Music Man (24" X 36")